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There are so many dance camps out there..

“People Will Forget What You Said. They Will Forget What You Did. But They Will Never Forget The Way You Make Them Feel”

In a challenging world,  we offer a true difference in our approach to everything we do.  We are so proud of the LEGACY of Danceline!

You know that feeling you get when you are in a comfortable environment with some of your favorite people and you leave the rest of the world behind? It’s like going on vacation and coming home all at the same time!!  So many of our directors have attended our camps for more than a decade and they truly are like family!  90% of our staff have been with us for over 5 years or more.  Once you discover a company like ours where everyone feels valued no matter what your team size or ability level you gain a new sense of energy and inspiration. It’s all about LEADERSHIP and that is our true foundation!
Danceline USA will take your Summer Camp Experience to New Heights in 2019!  Plan to join us as we journey to the Summit and reach new levels in Dance & Leadership.  We can't wait to see you there!
  1. Early June
    DFW Line & Social Officer Camp
  2. Early June
    Houston Line & Social Officer Camp
  3. Late June
    Hill Country Line & Social Officer Camp
    Horseshoe Bay Resort & Spa Near Marble Falls, TX
  4. Late June
    Hill Country Team Camp
    Horseshoe Bay Resort & Spa Near Marble Falls, TX
  5. Early August
    Houston Team Camp
  6. Early August
    DFW Team Camp
    Hilton Granite Park Hotel & Conference Center Plano, TX
    Private Home Team Camps
    Bring Danceline Staff to you! Director selects the dates that best suit the team needs.
  8. Early June
    San Antonio Line & Social Officer Camp
  9. Early June
    San Antonio Team Camp
Welcome to our 40th Camp Season! Celebrating 40 years as the most highly acclaimed leadership and dance 
company is an amazing honor. Our founder was a true pioneer being the first company to offer resort-hotel camps, professionally taught leadership instruction and creating a fun positive atmosphere that made customers feel valued…. We have come so far in the last forty years and I believe that this will be our best year ever. You don’t want to miss the amazing things we have planned. 

We often say that Danceline brings out the best version in all of us. I am truly blessed to lead such an outstanding company and amazing staff. We love seeing our customers who return to us year after year and look forward to welcoming our new customers each season. No other company has the heart and talent of the 
Danceline professionals. 

Our approach is based on teaching character development and the servant
leadership method to our dancers and requires commitment and discipline.
The dancers and directors who complete our camp program will be inspired
to be their best. 

Don’t miss this opportunity. We’ll see you there!

Kindest regards, 
Jennifer Boyd, Danceline Executive Director


"They cultivated a safe space for the team and taught fun and high energy routines to the team.  The staff was kind and welcoming to each team member.  They truly care about each girl on the team and ensure each one felt comfortable.  The Danceline staff was a joy to be around; they were kind and compassionate to the team.  They always had lots of energy and joy in what they were doing which was contagious."

Jamitrice Keating-Lynton
Denton HS  Director
Like no other camp company Danceline has remained true to its core values and continues to develop leaders each year who are inspired after camp to be the best they can be. Founded in 1978 and guided by our core values of Kindness, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, and Faith, Danceline Productions has a partnership with our clients to ensure a positive experience with measurable outcomes. It’s a level of professionalism your dancers deserve. Offering much more than dance, our camp experience strives to create a culture of excellence and will be the best week of your summer!
Stop Competing. Start Learning!
We believe summer camp is a time for your team to truly grow together, not compete against other teams. Our camp programs are specifically designed to encourage your team to discover their greatest strengths so they will shine this year no matter what their size or skill level. We promise to make every camp experience unique and beneficial to your special group. 
About Us
Who are we and what are we all about? 


You’re invited to a camp like no other—developed by woman who have a passion for the dance/drill team world and leadership--presented by instructors who will inspire and invigorate your dancers to reach their greatest potential.

We know that every team and officer group is unique and this year we have added even more custom elements to our camps.  Choose from a variety of routines, master classes, and leadership and team development sessions that you need…..get your team started in the right direction this year….spark the passion within your dancers with our incredible Danceline camps!    
At each officer and team hotel location, there is a professional development program for Directors that is focused on leadership, education and dance training.  All directors will receive a letter and Professional Developement Certificate upon completion of camp.
Our camps are dedicated to meeting your needs for continuing education and professional development while giving you a few days to relax.  You will be surrounded by like-minded leaders who will invigorate you with new ideas for the year ahead. 
Daily Professional Leadership Seminars
Captain/Director Seminars
Planning Sessions with Captain, Officers and Social Officers
Dance & Fitness Classes
Rookie Coach Advisement
Round Table Discussions & More!
--Bring your children and family at no extra charge to enjoy the resorts!
  • All camps require a non-refundable $550 deposit by April 25th to guarantee date and reservations but registration will continue until camp date on a first come, first served basis. Space availability is limited so register early!
  • After initial deposit, 50% of payment is due one month prior to camp and remaining balance is due no later than 2 weeks before camp begins.
  • Danceline MUST have rooming list by May 31st or one month prior to camp (whichever comes first).
  • There will be a $200 late fee automatically applied to any remaining balance not received 2 weeks prior to camp.
  • Balance for hotel camps is based on rooming list received by May 31st.
  • Post Camp Late Fee: If payment for camp is not received within 30 days after camp, in addition to the $200 late fee, an automatic 10% of remaining balance will be added for each 30 days the payment is delinquent.
Danceline Copyright & Company Integrity Clause  
Much of the material and camp design used by Danceline is exclusive to our company and was created by our own professionals. Becuase of our legal protections and our right to maintain the integrity of our company and staff, we request that there be NO copying of our printed material without permission and NO use of recording devises including video cameras, cell phones, ipads or other similar devices during ANY of our sessions. This includes our opening session, closing sessions, leadership and team sessions and director sessions. We WILL allow directros to film routines that their groups are learning for the purpose of dance instruction and practice. We WILL allow directors to film their own teams during routine evaluations including final evaluations and awards. We do not allow an of our material to be posted to the internet without our permission. Recording of any of the Danceline staff without permission is prohibited.  
Camp Change of Registration Policy      
If number of participants for your registered event should change there is no change penalty 6 weeks or more prior to camp OR by May 31st, whichever comes first before event. After the 6 weeks or prior to May 31st grace period, our full cancellation policy will be in effect. We will not offer any refunds but will apply a credit towards another Danceline event within the same year. $550 deposit and 50% of depoist based on registration numbers at the time of registration are non-refundable.
   “This was our first time at your camp and my officers had only positive things to say.  They learned the importance of teamwork, leadership and to keep the faith!  I love Danceline and will continue to bring my officers for years to come!”

 Libby Claycomb,
Lake Dallas HS Director 
We believe in offering performance and dance educational opportunities that are well-planned and allow dancers and parents to experience the best of our trip destinations. This prestigious performance group is selected each summer during our camp programs. All Danceline camp participants are eligible to audition. Selections are based on dance and performance ability, academic record and staff and director recommendations. Danceline trips vary each year and are set at the beginning of the summer season. Danceline Elite has performed and traveled to New York, Walt Disney World, Walt Disney Land, Los Angeles, Branson, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Cozumel and the Bahamas.
Did You Miss The Trip?
Dates for Spring 2018 will be announced soon.  Plan to join us on one of our Elite Trip if you missed out this year.  Auditions will happen this summer on our Camp Tour!