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How To: Setting A Table

Whether you are a planning a special event, gathering or it's just your personal kitchen table, you should know how to set a table properly. So here is how you do that!

In today's, Manners With Mrs. Rogers, there are tips for making this as easy task. Be encouraged that anyone can set a table well with these fundamentals!


  • Remember BMW on template!

  • The dinner fork is bigger than the salad fork and placed on the inside so you can go from the outside to inside.

  • Your napkin can be placed under the fork or on the plate.

  • If you want to include a salad plate, set it on top of the main dinner plate.

  • When setting the table, start with the dinner plate and then work around it.

  • If using a placemat arrange your silverware on the edges or outside the placemat.


Now that you know how, practice tonight! Take a moment and set your kitchen table for dinner. You may not need a Bread Plate or a salad fork but that's okay. Practice makes perfect. Once you get the setting down, you can move on to decoration and adding in special elements that take it to the next level.


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