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Hello Friends!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Danceline! For over 40 years Danceline’s mission has been to help dancers and directors focus on positive aspects in order to live their best life! It is truly an honor and blessing to lead such a unique company in our dance/drill team industry.


We look forward to welcoming back our wonderful customers and if you have never experienced the positive difference of Danceline we invite you to join us this year and see the difference for yourself! We know the importance of entertaining choreography and dance training, but we also believe the influence of your team leaders can be the defining factor of your team’s success. We have made it our company’s priority to offer the BEST leadership and team building training in the industry. We are repeatedly rated as the top camp company in our leadership and team building training. We don’t have to bring in outside leadership experts because our staff are trained each season to incorporate effective leadership into all aspects of our events and instruction. If those things are just as important to you as great choreography, then Danceline is the place for your team!

We want our company to be an infectious light of joy and love. We want to celebrate both the little things as well as the big things and inspire others to be the best version of who they can be. We know each team is special with unique talents and needs. For this reason, we customize every camp to be sure your routine choreography and team building is designed specifically for your group. Developing effectiveness in leadership is a process—one that takes a commitment to pursuing growth and strengthening skills that can maximize your contribution and impact.


We want you and your dancers to feel energized and empowered when you leave our events.  We believe that everyone has a gift and purpose within themselves that we like to call your “sparkle.” This summer season we are focusing on helping our dancers and directors to recognize their unique sparkle and give them opportunities to let that sparkle shine so that their gifts, talents and true purpose can influence and change our world for the better! Join us this summer and let your SPARKLE SHINE!


It is our privilege to serve you and help ignite your unique SPARKLE. We can’t wait to see you SHINE! See you soon!



Jennifer Boyd

Executive Director


Who We Are

Leadership & Teamwork are more than what we teach….it is who we are! We are passionate about dance and leadership and have a unique set of programs that effectively combine the two to inspire dancers to move forward into their unique purpose. 

How We Are Different

We are big enough to serve any size team but small enough to care that your team doesn’t get overlooked. At Danceline, our mission is to make a positive impact by serving and empowering others. No other company strives harder to personalize each camp experience so the end result is a motivated group of officers and team members who are excited about their year ahead. Join us this summer for an amazing camp experience! 

Danceline Is For You If...

You Desire A Positive Environment

Everyone will feel welcome at Danceline because we make it a top priority to value every team and director who attend our events. You will love the friendly professional environment where our top priority is to inspire your team to feel pride in who they are rather than compare themselves to other groups.

You Appreciate Budget Friendly Pricing

Everyone deserves a chance to attend our amazing camps. We are always happy to work with your budget. Just let us know if you need some extra help this year!

Leadership & Team Building Are A Top Priority

Danceline consistently receives the highest ratings of any dance company for our leadership and team building programs. It is the foundation of our company and the way we choose to live our lives. We believe in being the example we want to see in our world!

You Want Dance Professionals Who Are Friendly & Approachable

Our staff LOVE what they do and look forward to working with your team! They are both extremely talented dancers and choreographers and have a heart for helping your dancers become the best they can be.

You Believe That Every Dancer Matters

Coming to Danceline Camp is like coming home to a family who loves and appreciates you. We look forward to meeting our new teams each year and welcoming back the many directors and dancers who return to us each year. Join us for one of the BEST weeks of your summer!

Choose The Camp That Fits Your Summer Needs!

Check out all of your options for the 2024 Summer Camp Tour!  Click The Button To Learn More or Register!  Got Questions?  Use the Chat Feature to get in touch with a Danceline Rep!

Officer Camp Options

Team Camp Options

Keep shining.  The World needs your light!

It's been our pleasure to lead Danceline USA together for over 20 years!

A Catalyst For Growth

When you attend a Danceline event, you will soon discover that it is much more than a dance event—it is a catalyst for growth and a resource to transform your team.  Our Officer & Team Camps are designed to bring out the best in each dancer. Your dancers will feel valued and gain new energy for the upcoming year.  We Promise To Value You And Your Team!  Get Ready To Be Inspired And Energized For The Upcoming Season! 


Kindest Regards, 

Jennifer, Kristy & Victoria

The Danceline Executive Staff

General Information

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  • All camps require a non-refundable $550 deposit by April 25th to guarantee date and reservations but registration will continue until camp date on a first come, first served basis. Space availability is limited so register early!


  • After initial deposit, 50% of payment is due one month prior to camp and remaining balance is due no later than 2 weeks before camp begins.


  • Danceline MUST have rooming list by May 31st or one month prior to camp (whichever comes first).


  • There will be a $200 late fee automatically applied to any remaining balance not received 2 weeks prior to camp.


  • Balance for hotel camps is based on rooming list received by May 31st.


  • Post Camp Late Fee: If payment for camp is not received within 30 days after camp, in addition to the $200 late fee, an automatic 10% of remaining balance will be added for each 30 days the payment is delinquent.


Danceline Copyright & Company Integrity Clause  
Much of the material and camp design used by Danceline is exclusive to our company and was created by our own professionals. Becuase of our legal protections and our right to maintain the integrity of our company and staff, we request that there be NO copying of our printed material without permission and NO use of recording devises including video cameras, cell phones, ipads or other similar devices during ANY of our sessions. This includes our opening session, closing sessions, leadership and team sessions and director sessions. We WILL allow directors to film routines that their groups are learning for the purpose of dance instruction and practice. We WILL allow directors to film their own teams during routine evaluations including final evaluations and awards. We do not allow an of our material to be posted to the internet without our permission. Recording of any of the Danceline staff without permission is prohibited.  
Camp Change of Registration Policy      
If number of participants for your registered event should change there is no change penalty 6 weeks or more prior to camp OR by May 31st, whichever comes first before event. After the 6 weeks or prior to May 31st grace period, our full cancellation policy will be in effect. We will not offer any refunds but will apply a credit towards another Danceline event within the same year. $550 deposit and 50% of depoist based on registration numbers at the time of registration are non-refundable.

Why A Summit?

For over 40 years Danceline has offered the highest quality leadership and team building programs for our dancers through our summer camp tour.  Our staff annually attending Leadership Summits given by the top leaders throughout the world.

A summit is a gathering of the highest caliber in an industry to train them in their field.  Our summits will draw on our decades of successful years  of leadership and dance to re-energize and focus your team for the year ahead.  You will love the professionalism and quality of our Leadership Dance Summits.  Join us to Prepare for your best year ever!


We believe in offering performance and dance educational opportunities that are well-planned and allow dancers and parents to experience the best of our trip destinations. The Elite Team is selected each summer during our camp programs. All Danceline camp participants are eligible to audition. Selections are based on dance and performance ability, academic record and staff and director recommendations. Danceline USA makes dance experience trips available each year.  Danceline Elite Team has performed and traveled to New York, Walt Disney World, Walt Disney Land, Los Angeles, Branson, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Cozumel and the Bahamas.

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