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Apply today to join us for the upcoming Competition Tour as part of our amazing team.

This position is for those who are seeking to help us during the competition season from the months of February to March.  


This staff category is recommended for senior or graduate collegiate and professional individuals who are interested in serving as judges for our spring dance competitions.  Danceline judges are required to judge in the areas of solo, small group, officer, and team divisions at our yearly contests.  Judges must be available for the full event day and are expected to arrive at least one to two hours before the contest begins.  Contest adjudicator applicants should have previous judging experience, current professional knowledge of the dance/drill team industry and share the values of the Danceline organization.  

Danceline Adjudicator Pay is based on a per day or per hour contract. Danceline adjudicator applicants must submit the 

attached preliminary application along with a full resume.  After receipt of the preliminary application, a full judging contract will be sent if selected.  New Danceline Contest Adjudicators are accepted year-round.

Upload File
Upload File
Select Locations You Would LIke To Work
Do you have flexibility to start judging on a Friday prior to contest if needed?
Do you have experience as a Video Adjudicator or With Digital Score Sheets?

Thanks for applying! You will hear from us soon!

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