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Did You Know That Family Is Welcome To Travel?


One of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not family can attend a trip with their dancer. The

answer is YES! Please note that the prices listed are the same for all travelers.


All travelers 18 years and younger must be accompanied by a chaperone to travel with us.

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Attend With Your Team or As An Individual

You are invited to join us at one or both of our 2022-2023 Danceline Dance Experience Trips! Our focus is to provide a unique dance experience that combines technique training, exposure to new dance culture and additional cultural experiences that make memories that last a life time!

How Pricing Works

The balance for your trip is determined by the room occupancy selected at time of registration.  For those only traveling with TWO in their party, Danceline USA is happy to help pair you with other travelers so that you receive the lowest price possible for your trip.  To take advantage of this service, please make sure to indicate it on your registration form.

Payment Options

All trips offer a payment plan option for all travelers.  You are welcome to pay for the entire balance up front but for those who would like to make monthly payments, please see the schedule below.

Additional Details


Please note that Danceline requires all students to be chaperoned at the rate of one adult per six dancers unless prior permission from Executive Director has been given. Dancers are required to travel with an adult 

chaperone of 21 years or older. 


In the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, health epidemic, or involuntary cancellation of Elite date or location no refunds will be made. Danceline will make every effort to reschedule or relocate the event. 

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