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The Danceline Story


The Danceline mission includes a guiding principle: contribute positively to every dancer and director who attends our events. Danceline was founded over 40 years ago by Anita Jefferson Conley who was an internationally famous Apache Belle and then a world acclaimed Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Her desire was to create a camp environment that was based on Christian principles; offering personal attention to every dancer and teaching leadership life skills to camp participants. With these tools, they will not only effectively lead and participate with their team, but they will create a healthy mind, body and spirit that young people will utilize the rest of their lives.


We are very proud of our unique company and have many clients who have been with Danceline for as long as we have existed. In addition to great summer camp programs, we have an incredible competition tour, Fall Dance Experiences that include private and public dance workshops or custom choreography.

Our Core Values

Kindness, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility & Faith

Our Mission Statement

Danceline’s purpose is to provide professional dance curriculum, leadership instructionand a sense of personal growth while glorifying God as we strive to make a positiveimpact in the lives of the dancers and directors who attend our events.

Our Motto

Where We Teach What Matters And Every Dancer Matters To Us!

Our Symbol

Our symbol is a Butterfly as it represents beauty, joy and transformation.

Our Manifesto

We believe in the power of KINDNESS and treating others as we would like to be treated; knowing that we are made better when we all work together. We believe that living a life of INTEGRITY is one of the most important foundations of successful leadership and relationships. We believe in showing RESPECT and love to ourselves, to all others and to our country. We believe in accepting the RESPONSIBILITY to share our gifts and talents with others and taking our role as humans here on earth to be one that makes our world a better place. We believe that a strong FAITH in God, ourselves and others will always provide a hope to complete our journey. And, finally, we believe in being a POSITIVE light in our industry and our world and, in choosing that, ENCOURAGING others to do the same.

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