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Apply today to join us for the upcoming Competition Tour as part of our amazing team.

This position is for those who are seeking to help us during the competition season from the months of February to March.  You must be 18 years of age and have dependable transportation.

This staff category is recommended for collegiate and professional individuals who are interested in working on a part time basis.  If an individual is interested in serving the Danceline vision, but is not able to work in the summer or does not have the teaching or choreography skills 

necessary for Summer Staff, the Danceline Cast is a great way to be a part of our outstanding organization. 


Cast members are expected to have exceptional people skills, basic business skills and some experience in the Dance industry.  Danceline Cast Pay is based on a per day basis and typically remains the same.  Danceline Cast members are accepted year-round.

Tell Us If You Have Any Experience In These Areas:
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Select Locations You Would LIke To Work

Thanks for applying! You will hear from us soon!

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