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The Power To Choose!

Choose To Combo Your Camp With A Team Camp Or Just Train Your Officers!

Home Line & Social Officer Camp

Combo Your Officer & Team Camp For a Personalized, Home Experience

At Danceline, we believe that camp is the place to be empowered, pushed and developed into more than you ever thought you could be.  Our staff work hard to develop curriculum, choreography and technique classes that meet each dancer where they are and challenge them to go to the next level.



  • Schedule the officer camp 1-3 days prior to your home team camp or schedule it separately

  • Choose whether you will train Line Officers, Social Officers or Both at this camp

  • Camp Is Customized To Meet Your Needs.  You Select The Following:

    • Dance Technique Sessions​

    • Routine Types

    • Leadership Focus (For any camps 1-2 days.  3 days camp get full package)

  • Camp Day Includes the Following:​

    • Dance Technique Session​

    • Routine Session

    • Team Building Workshops

    • Leadership Seminars​

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Social Officer Fee.png

Combo Officer & Team Camp

Schedule your Home Officer Camp Days Prior to your Home Team Camp to get training for both your Officers and Team in the same week!


Combo Camp Pricing is a two step process.  First we calculate the number of days you want officer training and then we calculate the number of days that you desire team camp.

Our Home Team Camp pricing is based on the length of your camp, number of dancers and any add on services you want us to provide. Find dates that best fit your budget and team needs! You can optimize your experience by providing custom music by May 31st for custom field or pep rally routines at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!  3 FREE Custom Football or Pep Rally Routines are included in the cost.

Staff Expense Fee - Cost = $TBA

This fee will take the place of our previous "travel fee" but will now include the staff hotel expense as well.  Danceline USA will charge a flat fee based on current hotel prices for a non-smoking, safe hotel nearest to the camp site.  The fee includes meals and transportation as well and is a DAILY FEE in addition to the camp program fee.


Should you wish to book the hotel yourself, please let Rhonda know at so that she can adjust your invoice.

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