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Hi! My N.A.M.E. is....

Check out this great Team or Class Activity that will help dancers share a little about themselves while getting introduced to the new year!

The Why: This gives everyone a chance to get to know each other's names plus learn a little about each person along the way.

What You Need: No additional materials required.

Instructions: Give your team or class a couple of minutes to think of some facts about who they are that correspond with each letter of their first name. Depending on the size of the team or class, either have each person share with everyone or break them up into smaller groups. Remember to keep time in mind as this exercise could spark fun small talk!

Example: Hi, I'm Victoria! V is for my victorious mind set. I is for inspired by love. C is for caring with my big heart. T is for turns, my favorite part of dancing. O is for Orlando, the city where I love to take my family because of Disney World! R is for Rhonda who is my awesome mom. I is for intelligent because I am constantly learning. A is for Adoring my two amazing kids.

Hints For Humps

  • If they get stuck, tell them they don't have to go exactly by the rules and this is more about getting to know each other.

  • As the leader, share your own and if you are able too, write it where they can see it so there is a reference point to the instructions.

Take the Next Step

If you have supplies and time, have them use a sheet of paper or card stock to create a fund mini-poster that can be posted in your dance room, on their locker or on a bulletin board.

Reference: Adapted from the book Quick Team-Building Activities for Busy Managers by Brian Cole Miller


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